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Josh will be at NCSL to help answer any questions you have about the CGS-240 or if you have any feedback on how we can make our products better.

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See what makes our humidity generator the best on the market.

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Come check out our booth at NCSLI 2024 to learn more about how our CGS 240 Humidity Generator is the best on the market.

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Key Features

The CGS-240 is a fully automated two-pressure, two-temperature humidity generator. This portable, self-contained system produces stable atmospheres of known humidity and temperature to provide accurate humidity and temperature for the calibration of humidity sensors, hygrothermographs, chilled mirror hygrometers, and other environmental measuring devices.



NIST Inspired Design

A system, based on fundamental principals of physics, capable of continuous, high-accuracy humidity generation over a wide range of humidity, temperature, and flow rates.

Large Uniform Chamber

A fluid-jacketed chamber with fluid-paneled window, sample gas injection to the center of an air circulation fan, local pressure measurement, and a multi-position shelving system is surrounded by high performance thermal insulation and a soft silicone profile seal for perfect tightness and ultimate uniformity.

Continuous Run Time

The CGS-240 may run continuously without the need to shut down (the only requirement being that sufficient water level is maintained in the 20 liter distilled water reservoir). The reservoir may be filled at any time without the need to stop the system, thereby allowing uninterrupted generation of humidity for days, weeks, or months.

Constant Data Collection

RHS Control allows for various instruments to connect via digital communication for continuous monitoring, control, and associated data collection. Data is automatically stored to files during collection for later import to Excel and other post-process analysis and graphing programs.

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