RH Systems is a recognized world leader in humidity measurement and generation, which is why this same equipment is in our own lab and is the foundation of our ISO/IEC 17025 NVLAP Accreditation (NVLAP Lab Code 600161-0).

Humidity Measurement

Preferred by calibration laboratories and National Metrology Institutes worldwide, our precision chilled mirror technology is the choice for humidity measurement references and transfer standards where extreme accuracy, stability, and repeatability are critical. Outside the laboratory, our industrial chilled mirror instruments provide laboratory precision in a rugged design.

Humidity Generation

Patented and well established, our two-pressure two-temperature generators are precise, stable, and respond rapidly to setpoint changes. Creating an environment of known temperature and humidity, these generators are the standard for calibration of humidity sensors, chart recorders, and other hygrometers.


Electrical Power

RH Systems provides field-proven, robust chilled mirror technology for on-site measurement of humidity, pressure, and purity in SF6 gas-insulated equipment. Our technology and services provide repeatable, drift-free, and contamination resistant solutions:

  • Instrumentation featuring integrated verification tests that ensure measurement confidence and may help you extend your calibration intervals
  • Traceable, fast-turnaround calibration services in our lab

Reflecting Your Standards

At RH Systems, our humidity measuring and generating technology allows us to produce state-of-the-art products to fit our customers’ individual needs.

We have built our reputation on commitment to quality products and customer service. We are also dedicated to providing the most reliable, innovative, and versatile solutions for today’s environment.

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